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17 Things That Will Mostly Happen In “Game Of Thrones” Season 7

1. Despite her fucking massive fleet, Dany won’t head straight for King’s Landing.

As the credits rolled on Season 6, Dany’s newfound coalition of Tyrells, Martells, Greyjoys, Dothraki, Unsullied, and dragons looked pretty much unbeatable. And considering Cersei has about as many friends as Varys has testicles, the crown surely wouldn’t be able to mount much of a defence as things stand.

That said, it wouldn’t make much tactical sense to approach King’s Landing from the sea – just ask Stannis – and from a TV point of view, they’re surely going to make us wait for the inevitable sacking of King’s Landing.

The most likely starting point is her family’s ancestral home of Dragonstone – an island not too far from the capital – which was Stannis’s home until he went north. It would make the perfect base for an invasion – when Aegon the Conqueror first took Westeros three centuries earlier this is how it went down, so it’s likely his great-great-great-etc.-granddaughter will follow suit.

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